3 Pieces Of Bakery Equipment To Buy Used And Save Money For Your New Small Bakery

You have your business plan in place and have even tracked down the ideal location for your new small bakery business. If you are like a lot of new business owners, especially those in the food business, you will assume that buying new machinery and equipment is the best option. However, in the bakery business, there are all kinds of pieces tat you can buy used and save yourself a lot of dough. 

Industrial Ovens - Industrial ovens are hard to beat. They stand upright and are capable of baking several different products at once. Plus, these things are incredibly long lasting, with most having parts that are completely replaceable with regular wear and tear. It is almost always worth it to opt for used industrial ovens over new. Even if you find one with flaws, you can likely get it repaired and still save money in the end. 

Donut Fryers - The frying system is an important piece of machinery if your bakery offers fresh pastries, and these machines can usually be found used when other bakeries upgrade or go out of business. Much like industrial ovens, donut fryers have parts and components that can be easily replaced, right down to the motor that operates the conveyor system and the well that houses the oil. 

Industrial Mixers - Industrial mixers are typically a good bakery necessity that you can buy used. However, before you buy a used stand mixer, make sure you know how many hours it has been in operation. The motors on these beasts tend to have a limited life span, and they cannot always be replaced without replacing the whole unit. 

Glazing Units - Glazing units simplify the process of glazing pastries so you don't have to hand dip each one. You can find glazing machines that have a conveyor system and a motor, but most small-scale bakery owners go with a hand-operated glazer that you dip and run over a screen of pastries. However, if you shop around online, you may be able to find a motorized laser used for about the same as you would pay for a manual one new. 

Proofers - Proofers offer a humidity controlled environment where you can allow dough to rise in just the right setting before they're baked. There are tabletop proofers and large walk-in proofers. Either way, these units tend to last for the long haul, so buying used is always a good option for your bakery.

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