A Guide To Changing And Caring For Your Engine Oil

To be certain that you're keeping your car in great shape, it's important to touch base with shops that conduct engine oil changes or handle the repair on your own. Either way, you need to be diligent when it comes to staying on top of this. By focusing on the points below, it'll be far easier to keep up with your vehicle maintenance by getting regular engine oil changes today:

#1: Make sure that you are using the right engine oil

Because there are plenty of engine oil ratings, types and brands on the market, you need to be specific on which you buy and use. One of the main ways to care for your engine is to consistently gauge your oil and make sure you have enough stocked. You'll do this by finding the engine oil stick and getting an accurate reading, while also assessing the color of your engine oil. When your oil is low, you'll want to buy some engine oil and pour it into the engine until it has adequate levels. If you are planning to buy engine oils, you'll want to check with your manufacturer and buy the proper viscosity for the design of your vehicle. 

#2: Know why engine oil changes are so crucial

Once you know exactly why an engine oil change is so beneficial, it'll be easier for you to tackle this project on your terms. For one, changing the oil is necessary to keep the engine running for years without failure. You'll get greater life out of your vehicle when you frequently get oil changes. An engine oil change will also make it perform better so that you're able to drive as you should without problems accelerating or otherwise navigating. Understanding these benefits should drive you to get engine oil changes whenever necessary. 

#3: Get your oil changed

Now that you're ready for an oil change, you'll need to either find a shop that can assist you or tackle it on your own. If you're planning to go to a shop, make sure that you reach out to them for cost estimates. This repair shouldn't be too expensive -- as it typically only costs between about $27 and $63. If you are planning to change the oil yourself, you'll need to purchase quarts of quality engine oils and develop the right tools to get the job done. 

Understanding these three tips will help you out in keeping up with your vehicle. Contact a company like Small & Sons Oil Dist Co for more information and assistance.