Replacing Old Power Plants Avoid Mestothelioma Lawsuits

Power plants are often an expensive item that many places feel like they can't afford. Unfortunately, they may not have a choice if their plant has asbestos in it. Replacing a factory may help benefit a community and avoid serious asbestos-related lawsuits.

Power Plants Are Often Exposed To Asbestos

Older power plants (particularly those built before 1980) are at a very high risk of suffering from high-levels of asbestos. The chances of this element being in power plants increases exponentially as the age of the power plant increases. That's because asbestos was such a popular product that provided a high level of heat protection in an often delicate area.

When a person is exposed to asbestos, there is a strong chance that they will develop a serious and virulent form of cancer known as mestothelioma. This type of cancer is very hard to treat and is often deadly. As a result, it is important to get rid of a power plant that contains asbestos. It is also crucial to identify items that may contain these items.

Items With Asbestos In A Power Plant

A large amount of items in a power plant possibly contain asbestos. These must all be removed before the factory is torn down or else there is a risk of airborne asbestos over a whole community. These items include cement products, items on heating systems, toilets, floor tiles, and a variety of paper products spread throughout the factory.

Removing these items from a factory can cost more than $30,000. While this might seem rather expensive, it is nowhere near the total cost of replacing a power plant. That said, it is still a better idea to replace an old power plant with asbestos than tolerate one.

Building A New Power Plant Is A Wise Investment

Mesothelioma lawsuits are often an expensive prospect that many towns can't afford. For example, an average trial award is $2.4 million while a settlement can top as much as $1.4 million. While that might seem like a small amount compared to the $2 billion it could cost to build a typical coal plant, it is an investment that is right to make.

For example, power companies have a responsibility to the community that they must take seriously. Losing the goodwill of a town or state by sticking with an asbestos-filled power plant may cost the company millions as people abandon them or change service. Even worse, it could cause the company to get hit with heavy asbestos-related fines.

That's why it is urgent to talk to a power plant factory construction contractor right away. They can assess the situation and build a power plant that is free of asbestos. This is a major benefit that will provide the community with decades of clean power.