What To Look For In A Lift Station Cleaner

Wastewater lift stations are designed to move waste from a lower to higher elevation. They also grind or remove coarse materials. They are necessary to reduce sewer construction costs. Lift station degreasers will keep the lift station free from grease. Because it floats on the surface of the water, it removes grease as the water level changes. There are many lift station degreasers on the market and there are certain characteristics you should look at when choosing one.

Choose A Cleaner That Removes Fat, Grease And Oily Water

The degreaser quickly dissolves fat and grease that accumulate in the lift station. This allows for the lift station to last longer and also eliminates odor. Choose a degreaser that is very effective on oily stains. Oily stains result from water that is contaminated. For instance, if the water is near a refinery, this can lead to contamination. Eliminating oily water can help avoid explosive atmospheres as well. 

Select A Cleaner With Odor Barriers

The degreaser creates an odor barrier that leads to more pleasant odors. It also leaves behind an enjoyable citrus scent. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine where the odor is coming from. Lift stations should come with an odor control system and a ventilation system. But these are sometimes not enough. 

Choose A Cleaner With Color Indicators

The degreaser should come with a color indicator that lets you know when you need to add more degreaser. This will ensure that your system does not become neglected. 

Avoid Cleaners With Benzenes

The cleaner should not have benzenes. These are chemicals that are liquids at room temperature, but can also evaporate very quickly. When benzene comes in contact with cells, it causes the normal functioning of the cells to be disrupted. Therefore, it is not a safe chemical to use. It can cause excessive bleeding and can also be detrimental to the immune system. Those who are exposed directly to benzene have to remove and dispose of their clothes and also have to wash their bodies thoroughly. Because of the fumes, it is possible to suffer from benzene poisoning, which requires medical attention. 

Match The Lift Station Cleaner With The Surface

Consider the type of surface you will be using the lift station cleaner on and choose a cleaner well suited for that type. Once you have selected the right lift station cleaner, you will be able to keep your sewer in great condition.