3 Helpful Facility Supplies To Incorporate In Warehouses For Added Safety

If you manage a large facility, such as a warehouse, one of your chief responsibilities is creating a safe work environment. This doesn't have to be that difficult, either, if you incorporate the following facility supplies in your warehouse from the very start. 

Floor Mats

When employees walk into your facility from the outside, they may be carrying dirt and other substances that could cause them to slip. To minimize these slip and fall accidents, you can set up floor mats near all of your entrances.

It's important not just to select any floor mat, though. Ideally, it needs to have a slip-resistant surface. So when employees are wiping their feet off before entering, they can retain their footing, and the mat will not budge an inch. Selecting mats with a tread surface also helps in clearing everything off of your employees' shoes. If you're using these mats outdoors, as well as indoors, make sure they have a weatherproof design.

Industrial Ladders 

When your staff needs to reach high up, be it for a tool or to repair a blown fuse, they need a stable surface to stand on. Otherwise, they risk toppling over and doing serious harm to themselves.

You can improve their safety when working at elevated heights by purchasing aluminum industrial ladders. These ladders are designed to support a lot of weight, and generally, have a boxed frame for added stability. They also have skid-resistant feet at the bottom, which protects your floors and also improves stability. Their aluminum construction makes them lightweight and easier to transport around your facility. 

Lockable Key Cabinets

In your warehouse, you probably have a lot of technical equipment that you don't want just anyone to have access to. Ensure these machines are only used by authorized personnel, and reduce potential accidents, by keeping the keys to this equipment locked away in key cabinets.

These cabinets are made from heavy-duty steel, which won't easily damage from impact or excessive force. Once they are locked, the only way to regain access is to enter in a combination. You can customize this combination to maximize the security and safety of your warehouse. Lastly, these key cabinets can hang on any solid wall in your facility. 

There are many potential hazards you have to watch out for while working in a warehouse. Fortunately for you and your staff, there are many facility supplies that you can set up to make these work areas safer for all. For more information, contact a company like TFA.