Automated Assembly Machine Problems

A business can fail into a bad situation if the automation equipment breaks down, especially when it is the main thing that is needed for producing products for customers. For instance, sometimes parts stop moving through an automation machine as it should, depending on the specific type. If your machine is not functioning properly, don't rush into buying a new one without finding out if the problem can be repaired. In some cases, buying a new part is all that is necessary to make the machine operational again. This article explains some of the problems that an automated assembly machine might have when it begins to malfunction. 

Metal Parts Might Be Rusty

The most common problem that metal parts in a machine develops is poor operation from rust accumulating on them. Rust develops even faster when the metal is exposed to water, especially if the parts are not made of a metal that is resistant to moisture. You might notice that your automation machine sounds louder than usual when it is being operated if the parts are rusty. Hire a professional to take the machine apart to find out if the metal parts can be repaired with oil. Keeping the parts oiled up can prevent further rusting from occurring and prevent untimely problems. 

A New Motor Drive is Needed

The motor drive is an important part of most automated assembly machines, as it helps each part move properly. The teeth on the plate of a motor drive can become worn out when an automation machine is used on a daily basis. The best thing to do after the plate teeth have worn out is to replace the drive altogether, as the gear will not work properly unless you do so. If a replacement is necessary, opt for a drive that has a plate that is designed with a curve to prevent the teeth from becoming damaged too soon. You want a motor drive that operates with high efficiency without the risk of needing frequent repairs.

The Machine Has an Electrical Problem

Have you been experiencing slow movement from your automated assembly machine? If so, an electrical problem might be the cause. The wires in the machine might be damaged, which can stem from your building having faulty wires. It is wise to get not only the electrical components of the machine inspected but also the outlets and electrical panel in your building. 

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