Tips For Buying Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

If your storage needs have expanded to the point you need to purchase pallet racks to store your business's inventory in your warehouse, then it's important you keep each of these buying tips in mind to ensure you get the right racking system to meet your needs:

Tip: Consider Purchasing Used Pallet Racks Rather than Buying New

With other local businesses expanding, downsizing, and closing every day, there are likely used pallet racking systems available for purchase in your immediate area.

If your budget is really pinched, then buying used can be significantly cheaper. In addition, the less-expensive commitment of buying used is a great way to find out what your business really needs from its pallet racking system. This can be a great help when it's time to expand and purchase more racks. 

Tip: Only Purchase Expandable Pallet Racking Systems

Since you want your business to continue growing, and this will lead to a need for additional pallet racks in the future, it's always advisable to purchase expandable racking systems. These systems allow you to easily add on more storage space to your existing pallet racks. Not only will everything match and look great, but expandable racking systems make it simple to connect new storage and easier to keep your warehouse workers safe.

Tip: Buy Pallet Racks that are 100% Accessible for Your Forklift

To get your pallets onto the racks, you need to use your forklift. However, not all forklifts are created equal in how high they can lift or how deep they can load cargo into a racking system.

For this reason, it's vital you take the lifting abilities of your forklift into consideration when shopping for a new pallet rack system for your warehouse.

It doesn't do any good to purchase a really tall or deep rack if your forklift can't accommodate it.

Tip: Know the Weight Requirements for Your Warehouse's Pallet Rack System

If you are a clothing manufacturer or make fairly lightweight items, then even the smallest pallet racks on the market will easily support the weight of your pallets.

Alternatively, if you manufacture heavy metal parts such as automotive engines or industrial machinery, then your warehouse needs a much more robust racking system.

To ensure your pallet rack will safely hold your merchandise, make sure you take weight into consideration. Calculate the weight of your pallets and make sure any pallet rack you consider buying can safely hold them.