Rental Tips That Help With Beam Lifts

Beam lifts are used for materials that are really heavy and subsequently pose risk. If you need to lift these materials with a beam lift on a temporary basis, getting a rental is a cost-effective option that you won't have to worry about if these measures are taken.

Emphasize Portability

You may have to move this beam lift around your work site to get to different materials. You don't want to struggle with this transportation, so right when you go out looking for beam lift rentals, keep portability on the top of your feature list.

Beam lifts that are lightweight and easy to move around will save you energy and improve safety while you or others operate this lift. You also want the lift to have a small footprint so that you're not having to worry about moving around structures or tight spaces. 

Make Sure it Accepts Fork Extensions

If you start working with some rather large equipment with this beam lift, then you'll probably want to ensure the lift can support fork extensions. They increase the coverage of the lift so that larger items can remain on the lift and stay in place when it goes up and down.

The fork extensions should slide ride in place and then have locking hardware to keep them from coming out until you're done with them. Not all beam lifts support fork extensions so actively check for this feature before committing to a rental. 

Get a Completely Assembled Lift From the Beginning

So that you can start using this beam lift rental as quickly as possible, you want to get a model that is fully complete. All the pieces and systems will be set up for you so that after you complete the rental paperwork, it will be dropped off on your work site ready to go.

Whereas if you had the beam lift shipped to you not fully assembled, that's just more labor you have to deal with ever before the beam lift can be used in a meaningful way. Also, the setup time might increase your rental rates because of how much longer you have the lift.

You'll be able to lift heavy equipment up and down safely when a beam lift is used. Renting this special machinery is just like any other equipment. You want to get one with the right features and set up so that you're less likely to have difficulty. 

If you're looking for a beam lift rental service, contact a local industrial equipment supplier.