The Benefits Of Using Brass Metal In Your Industrial Shop

Are you looking to expand the number of metals you work with inside your shop? Steel and aluminum remain two of the most popular choices for metalworking today, but if you want to start creating designs or products with a different look, perhaps it's time to look into the benefits of of brass metal. Here's why you might want to reach out to a local supplier of brass metal to discuss your first order.

Brass Metal Combines Zinc and Copper for Incredible Strength

It's well known among metalworkers that steel and even aluminum are strong metals, and that's a leading reason why those materials are so popular and used in so many different shops around the world. But don't sleep on the strength of brass. Brass metal is made by adding zinc and copper together, and it's this fusion of two different materials that helps give brass its immense strength. Your brass designs or creations will hold up well over time and your customers will appreciate the longevity.

Brass Metal Will Help You Create a Product That Is Resistant to Corrosion and Rust

Beyond sheer strength, another reason that brass is so durable is that it is also naturally resistant to problems like corrosion or rust. If you are currently working with steel or another metal that has issues in this area, you are likely taking additional time to coat the finished product with something that will keep corrosion at bay. But with brass metal, you don't need to worry about this and can simply move on to the next part of your work. This resistance also makes brass ideal for any design or product that will end up outdoors as the customer won't have to worry about Mother Nature causing issues with the brass over time.

Brass Offers a Unique or Different Look Compared With Regular Aluminum or Steel

When you think of steel or aluminum, you likely imagine a silver color in your mind. That is in fact the natural color of a lot of different metals, but what if you or your customer wants to change things up? Brass metal has a more bronze appearance thanks to the copper that it contains. It can make your creation or product stand out from the crowd if everything else around it is silver-colored. To some people, brass offers a more "classic" or almost antique look, and perhaps that's what you need to change things up on your next production run.

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